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It was only a matter of time before Aksels threw itself into the hat game, but it wasn't until after over a year of R & D and countless samples, that the first several designs came to life and lets just say they wont be the last!

We are now onto Round 2 and more excited then ever, as they just get better and better!  Safe to say this won't be the last either!

Colorado Hats Skyline Hats
The category that helped put us on the map!
Round 1 of the Skyline set could not have come out better! More to follow!
Kids Hats! Day of the Dead
Loooonnnng overdue, but finally the little'r ones, can sport the big kids gear!
Naturally since the socks were a hit, we had to create a couple hats!
Aksels Baby Block Curved Hat Gnome Curved Bill Hat
Another new dad hat to add to the mix, that brings it back to the basics!
Yes, that is a gnome riding a bunny.
Elk Sublimated Merica!
Sublimated hat number 2 and don't think it could have come out better!
We didn't hold anything back with these new Merica! hats.
Cursive Collection Aksels D-Town Special
First significant round for other states and we are stoked on how they all turned out!
Naturally Aksels had to spread the D-Town Special love!
Peter Olenick Pro Model Aksels Throwback
Super stoked on our first signature hat!  Got together with Peter Olenick on this one and it comes equipped with the infamous T-Rex arms under the bill!
As part of our 5 year celebration we had to go with the Aksels branded hat, but couldn't leave the Colorado C completely out of the picture, so threw down a little one on the side!
10th Mountain Division Surf Trucker!
Not sure what took us sooo long, but round 1 is done on the 10th Mountain Division hats. For every hat sold, we will DONATE $1 to the 10th Mountain Division!
Couldn't resist doing the classic foam trucker hat!
Alaska Arizona
Pretty impossible not to make a sharp looking hat with this flag!
The requests continued to flow in, so we finally made some AZ hats happen and couldn't be more stoked on the way they turned out!
California Canada
Our first official hat outside of CO has dropped and couldn't have come out better!  CO was blessed with a stellar flag, but we have to admit, Cally was too!
Couldn't help but do a lil' something for our friendly neighbors up north!
Chicago Florida
Once the requests reach a certain, we are left with little option! This is just the first of several that are soon to follow!
Gators, Seminoles and Canes...covered with this first round...and several more on the radar!
Hawaii Maryland
Super excited to have the opportunity to branch out to Hawaii!
With a flag almost as cool at Colorado's, Maryland's has been awesome to work with!
Mexico New Mexico
Had our northern neighbors covered for sometime now, so figured it was time to spread the love down south!
By far one of the cooler state flags out there!
New York South Carolina
Loving how the first NYC hat turned out, several more to follow!
Who doesn't like the Palmetto? So this one was a no brainer!
St. Louis Tennessee
We just couldn't resist the arch!
Elvis called and wanted some Tennessee hats, thus, here ya go!
Texas Washington
Stoked on finally getting some TX hats into the mix!
Couldn't resist basing a hat off the Seattle skyline and throwing down a throwback colorway, along with the new and improved hawks!
With our first university license secured, we have hit the ground running with this University of Wyoming inspired hat!