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Tees...Hats...Stickers...AccessoRISE!  Was only a matter of time before we expanded into the accessories market and we are more excited than ever about the many different items we have in mind!
CO Sublimated Reversible Headband Socks!
Rather you are just wearing this to look cool, workout or play ninja, it has you covered!
Been long overdue, but we did our research and they could not have come out better! Not only do these look good, but they feel even better!
Winter Scarves CO Double-Sided Pillow
When the snow starts to fly and the temps drop, never hurts having a nice, soft winter scarf in the arsenal to pick from!

We are 72% sure, that any dreams had while laying on this pillow, will be more awesome!
Journals Canvas Prints
Who wouldn't want to make note taking more awesome!?

Pics shot by our good friend Blake Rubenstein from @GuerillaCapturing. Check those guys out, they have some sweet shots!
CO Backpack and Duffel! CO Sunrise Yoga Mat
SOOOOO Stoked on how these came out!  Yes, they look rad, but we also did our homework and these are super solid bags!
Downward dog has never been so steezy!
Elastic Headbands Beanies
For those times that you just don't want your hear in yo face!
Another product long overdue, but sticking true to our values, we prefer to get it right the first time around!
CO Headband CO Hand Knit Headband

If you want to keep those ears warm, but hair styled, we present to you...this CO Headband!

Super comfy and super warm!
Multi-Purpose Tube Masks! Infinity Scarves
These define the word multi-purpose! Rather it is keeping your head and face warm during the winters, dust free during the summers or simply wicking the sweat away during a workout, these really do it all with our signature Aksels touch!
After a thorough amount of R & D, we bring to you our super soft and all season, Infinity Scarves!
Sandals Belts
All Sandals have bases that are made of recycled rubber and a tread that provides ultimate traction and protection from hydroplaning on pool and boat decks! A true all terrain sandal!
Good for riding, opening a bottle, holding up your pants and well…whatever else you want to do with a belt!
Koozies CO Mesh Shorts
These are not just your average coozies! They are made from super thick neoprene and the design is sublimated, NOT screen printed, leaving most other Koozies jealous! :)
Super soft mesh shorts with drawstring, 2 front pockets and 1 back pocket!  Colorado love on both sides and Aksels logo under back pocket.
Sweats! iPhone Cases

Being that sweats are the recommended attire around the Aksels offices, it was only a matter of time before we spin up a pair of our own!  They are an EXTREMLY soft poly/cotton blend. 

These hard cases fit the iPhone 4's and 5 like a glove!  Rounding the edges just enough to keep the screen off the surface and corners covered from a crash landing from any angle!
Lanyards Dog Leashes & Collars
Rather your a nurse. doctor, flight attendant, still roll with it hanging out of your pocket, or simply have a need for a lanyard, we have got you covered!
We couldn't be more excited about our first endeavor into the world of pets!  These could not have come out better!